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We are a multicultural and interdisciplinary association of ambitious young professionals pursuing excellence in everything we do. At HUTAC we believe that by bringing diverse talented people together, we can generate sustainable ideas and foster each other’s professional and personal growth. Based in the Netherlands, we provide our members with a platform for networking and knowledge exchange, both online as well as through inspiring events. Our events bring together distinguished speakers, promote innovative ideas and empower our participants to positively impact their environments.

HUTAC started in 2008 as an association of Dutch and international students who had been awarded the prestigious Huygens Scholarship (HSP) for academic excellence to study abroad, expand their horizons and make a change in society. The scholarship was provided by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and facilitated by EP-Nuffic. Since then, the network has developed into a powerful knowledge hub that welcomes everyone aiming for career and personal success. Join us on this fun and meaningful journey now!

600+ young professionals

30+ countries

50+ areas of expertise

2017 HUTAC Theme: The Sharing Society

In 2017 we will delve into solutions to societal problems through events and content driven by systemic thinking and an entrepreneurial spirit. Find out more!

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Highlights from 2016 Conference: Inspire through Innovation

Watch Brian Fitzgerald's keynote speech at the 2016 HUTAC Conference: 'Disruptive innovation in a disruptive innovator – the digital evolution of Greenpeace and the future of activism'. Brian is an activist and innovator who spent 35 years at Greenpeace International serving the organisation from the decks of its ships to the desks of senior management. He pioneered Greenpeace's earliest efforts in web activism before stumbling down the rabbit hole of storytelling as a theory of change. In February 2016 he started his own creative agency, Dancing Fox, which is dedicated to mischief, mind bombs, and magic, and the art of helping world changers tell their story, and helping storytellers change the world.

What our members say about us

HUTAC! The sheer mention of the name brings a huge smile on my face. What does it mean to me? A lot! It means friendship, networking, learning, sharing and growing together. As an ardent follower of HUTAC, I’ve benefited a lot from it. It assisted my personal and professional development through its events; I’ve learnt immensely from the diverse speakers and from their experiences. I’ve widened my perspective with the high quality, varied meetings I attended and gained valuable insights that helped me carve my professional life.

Ebru Dargan, HUTAC member & former leader
Ebru Dargan

The Huygens scholarship not only enabled my stay in the Netherlands, but also exposed me to the truly inspirational HUTAC network. Besides offering the opportunity to meet curious, motivated individuals, HUTAC has a very pragmatic purpose – to facilitate professional and business connections. And as each member progresses faster than average up the career ladder, our value as a group is yet to grow.

Dimitar Kralev, HUTAC member & former leader
Dimitar Kralev

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