Being talented: using compassion to establish golden relationships

Paul van Toledo
17 May 2014
Sarphati room

This workshop explored the fundamental basis of strong interpersonal management skills. We gained better awareness of our most precious talent: being human beings – an innate attribute that we need to bring to the surface in order to fulfill our full potential. This full potential is a lively set of qualities which can be described as: open, clear, warm, resourceful and powerful. It’s worthwhile to learn how to nurture these qualities in a skillful way. Mindfulness and compassion are two of these skillful means, which help us re-evaluate our human dimension and natural talents. On the opposite side we encounter speed and aggression, which are often the most important barriers that we need to overcome in order to come closer to our most effective self. During this workshop we learnt how to concentrate on such skills, a necessary step for everyone who wants to inspire trust and influence others.