Keynote: From a pile of business cards to a functioning business network

Cathy Delhanty
16 Sep 2017

Will you make the most of the networking opportunities at the HUTAC Conference? Do you have the knowledge and skills to make the most of your contacts? Do your contacts usually remain business cards stacked in a pile on your desk? Do you think that it is not for you because you are more quiet and introverted?

Cathy Delhanty will prove to you that networking is worth the effort. She will share 3 hot tips for the less boisterous among us and a quick refresher for the confident networker:

  1. Networking Strategy tip to make sure that your networking efforts are working towards your business goals
  2. Increase your Visibility tip to make your networking efforts easier and more efficient by being recognised by others
  3. Meeting People tip to work in your own style and pace.

Finally, business networking is about relationships, because the goal is not to collect a pile of business cards, but to build a functioning business network. The talk will wrap up with a call-to-action to keep in touch with your fellow members. Cathy’s speech combines experience and know-how with university research to teach you to network with confidence and achieve your goals.

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