How to eat like a professional athlete

06 Oct 2018
Impact Hub Amsterdam

Professional athletes are well aware that what they feed their bodies has a direct impact on what their bodies can achieve. But this concept holds true for everyone, regardless of whether your profession requires spending 40+ hours a week training on the field or in front of your computer in an office environment.

Eating the right foods can work wonders. It can provide you with increased focus and productivity at work, yet still enough energy to enjoy your after-work hours once you get home. And it can be the deciding factor between avoiding the office flu or being bedridden at home with a box of tissues.

In this interactive workshop sport dietitian and writer, Alina Petre, will share science-based ways to tweak your nutrition so you can stay healthy and energised both during and after busy work days.

Ready to eat and perform like a professional athlete in your day-to-day life? Join this workshop to learn:

  • How to build an energising plate
  • What is an ideal snack
  • What energy-drainers to avoid
  • What to eat to best fuel and recover from your workouts.

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