How your beliefs can cause you stress

Minneboo Laura
06 Oct 2018
Impact Hub Amsterdam

In this workshop health trainer and mindstyle coach, Laura Minneboo, will share her expertise on stress caused by beliefs and focus. You will gain insight into how beliefs and focus can affect your well-being and in turn, your health.

After this workshop you will be able to recognise your personal, cultural and work-related beliefs and will become aware of your focus and its effect on your everyday life. You will discover a simple tool to help you relax and will learn how to put it into practice.

Beliefs are the thoughts you are convinced of to be true. Negative beliefs can be undermining and stressful and can even make you sick.

Your focus is based on experiences and beliefs and determines how you interpret your perceptions. What you observe is only one display of reality. Does this reality make you thrive? Or is there another way?

Beliefs and focus are an automatic process. But when you become aware of them, change can follow.

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