Special HUTAC General Assembly (March) – Amendments to Articles of Association

09 Mar 2019
14:00 - 17:00
Time Space | Social Impact Factory, Utrecht

With this Special HUTAC General Assembly (GA), we’d like to once again put to the vote the 2017-2018 Board’s proposed amendments to the HUTAC Statuten (Articles of Association). This is a necessary follow-up to the previous GA on 19 January and proposed Special GA on 9 February. The GA on 19 January had insufficient member attendance for a vote, thus making the vote invalid. The proposed GA on 9 February had to be canceled as only members of the (Advisory) Board and Project Managers were present.

As a HUTAC member who received the Huygens Scholarship, you’re invited to help move HUTAC forward. Your contribution is essential in making the association future-proof.

Agenda of 2019 Special HUTAC GA (9 March)

  1. What’s next: proposed changes to HUTAC’s Articles of Association
  2. In-depth review of proposed changes (i.e. article by article)
  3. Vote on amending HUTAC’s Articles of Association
  4. Q&A and HUTAC member feedback

Tea, coffee and light snacks will be available during our conversation. And we will conclude this special event with drinks and bites.

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