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2018 Theme: 360° Health

Our 2018 theme takes us from our personal understanding of health to what health means on a systemic level. What makes you healthy – body and mind? Is it all about getting those 10,000 steps a day or chanting at yoga four times a week? What defines a healthy company or organisation? Does that sweet spot lie at the intersection of purpose and profit? What about a healthy city? Is it totally smart, covered in leafy parks and packed with electric cars? And what does the rise of health tech – from wearables to concepts such as ‘wellness-as-a-service’ – mean for us, our work and society at large? This year we will once again tap into our diverse talents and fields of expertise to make a positive impact. So join us in exploring 360° Health together and having some seriously thought-provoking fun along the way. Follow the conversation on our social media and join our upcoming events. 

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Day 1
19 Jan 2019

2018 HUTAC General Assembly & Call for Leadership Candidates

With the 2018 HUTAC General Assembly, we’d like to get your valuable feedback on this year’s results, as well as next year’s strategic plan. As an HSP member, you’re invited...
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The General Assembly is open to Huygens scholarship (HSP) recipients only and is free of charge.

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