2018 Annual Conference: 360° Health

Develop healthier habits for body & mind. Manage stress and avoid burnouts. Contribute to healthier societies.

6 October, 12:30–19:00   Impact Hub Amsterdam


What's in store for you?

What makes you healthy – body and mind? How can you develop healthier work habits to avoid stress and burnouts? How can you contribute to a healthier planet? The expert speakers of this year’s HUTAC conference will address all of these questions and more! You’ll also get the chance to catch up with HUTAC friends over healthy food and drinks. If you’re a new HUTACer, you can meet and connect to amazing young professionals from all over the world! Don’t miss this opportunity for practical insights, tips and tricks for healthier habits that go from the personal to the systemic. And what better place than Impact Hub Amsterdam – the home of entrepreneurial action for healthier, more sustainable societies – to spend an inspiring afternoon at? Sign up now!

Day 1
06 Oct 2018


Keynote | The future of food & nutrition

6 out of 10 risk factors to the global burden of disease are diet related. 1 in 3 people worldwide are malnourished. While 800 million people have chronic hunger and...
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Smorenburg, Herbert

How to reduce your use of plastic for a healthier planet

Every year we use at least 36.4 billion plastic straws in fast-food chains in the EU alone. This means that, if we add up the negative impact of hotels, bars,...
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Liu Ev
Liu, Ev

FULL – How to use circular principles for a healthier planet

Want to be part of the transition to a more circular economy? This new economic model goes beyond our “take, make and dispose” approach. It aims to redefine products and...
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Lina Ruiz
Ruiz, Lina

FULL – How your beliefs can cause you stress

In this workshop health trainer and mindstyle coach, Laura Minneboo, will share her expertise on stress caused by beliefs and focus. You will gain insight into how beliefs and focus can affect your...
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Minneboo Laura
Minneboo, Laura

How to prevent and survive a burnout

Burnouts are the number 1 Millennial disease: in the Netherlands alone one out of seven employees suffers from a burnout or burn out symptoms. A burnout can last anywhere between 6-9 months, and...
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Yan Man Wing
Yan Man, Wing

FULL – How to eat like a professional athlete

Professional athletes are well aware that what they feed their bodies has a direct impact on what their bodies can achieve. But this concept holds true for everyone, regardless of...
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Petre, Alina

How to boost your performance through better sleep

In this interactive workshop Katerina Nikolakopoulou, psychologist and lecturer specialised in sleep, will share neuroscience-based, practical and personalised advice on how to boost your everyday performance through better sleep. Here’s a...
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Katerina Nikolakopoulou
Nikolakopoulou, Katerina

Food, drinks & Holland Alumni Career Café

We’ll round off our conference with a dose of healthy food, drinks and a special edition of Holland Alumni’s Career Café. Joining us are four international professionals, including three Holland...
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