Closing Plenary: Creating tomorrow’s organisation today

Rob Fijlstra
29 Aug 2015

Join the Closing Plenary to reflect upon what you’ve learnt throughout the day and get inspired by Rob Fijlstra, author, thought leader and management consultant who actively promotes authentic leadership, interpersonal competence, emotional intelligence, inclusion and culture change. The way we try to deal with organisational problems often seems to make things worse, not better. But fortunately, organisations can move along an evolutionary spectrum: towards self-management, wholeness and a deeper sense of purpose. Rob Fijlstra claims that we can transform dread and drudgery into passion and purpose and we can facilitate the transition from fear and scarcity to trust and abundance. Join the plenary to find out how and learn what difference you can make by showing your true self in your everyday practical choices.

After the Plenary, make sure to join us for the Reception to exchange ideas and connect with fellow participants.

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