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How to deliver a 5-star speech

Do you often have to speak in public? Would you like to improve your presentation skills and get to feel more comfortable speaking in front of your audience? I recently read Barbara Rogoski’s book ‘Boring to Brilliant! A speaker’s guide’ and found her tips very useful so I thought I’d share some...
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The power of storytelling

We’ve recently invited Ryan Millar, writer, communications trainer and improviser/comedian, to hold a storytelling workshop for the HUTAC community. The event was truly inspiring, fun and interactive. Through a series of dynamic exercises we gained an insight into how powerful stories take shape, learnt how to train our brain to make connections between things...
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What’s new at HUTAC?

In the past days you’ve probably noticed a series of developments unrolling at HUTAC. Our website has undergone a spectacular facelift! In addition to making some significant aesthetic improvements, we have implemented a series of features to reflect the dynamism of our unique community. So what’s new? 1. Improved user experience  We restructured the...
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