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What’s new at HUTAC?

In the past days you’ve probably noticed a series of developments unrolling at HUTAC. Our website has undergone a spectacular facelift! In addition to making some significant aesthetic improvements, we have implemented a series of features to reflect the dynamism of our unique community. So what’s new?

1. Improved user experience 

We restructured the content and added some key information in order for you to easily find what you’re looking for and for new visitors to quickly understand what we are about. The previous events can now be easily viewed and filtered by year and themes. You can also browse all our speakers, instantly see the events they participated in and visit their websites and LinkedIn profiles.

We also streamlined a few processes. New membership and event registration systems have been implemented in order to make the sign up processes as intuitive as possible. And the upcoming events page displays a host of interactive features. Simply click through the website to discover everything!

Last but not least, now we have a mobile responsive website so you can browse away on your phones.

2. Fresh and modern look

We like things to be consistent. And as our work usually follows the latest trends, we want our website to fit this pattern. Enjoy the new design!

3. Community spirit

HUTAC’s mission is to offer a platform for connecting and knowledge sharing. And we want our website to reflect just that. The imagery and videos showcase our community spirit and the features we’ve implemented aim to facilitate partnership building.

4. Social media

Do you know that we are present across all the popular social media channels? If you didn’t, the new website will make sure you find out. We value conversation with our community and want to hear about your experiences so make sure you join the social buzz.

5. Member Centre

We have upgraded the Member Centre to offer a better user experience and implemented an excellent search functionality so you can easily find the people you are looking for by using any profile criteria. And that’s not all: if you are seeking a new career opportunity, have a question in your daily job or simply want to make new friends in your city, now you have a messaging system to use. Not to worry, we thought about your privacy too – your email addresses are not visible to the other users.

In order to make the best out of the Member Centre, be sure to update your profile now! We’ve introduced a few new fields so that we can facilitate your search.

6. Blog

And last but not least, we are proud to have launched our brand new blog – a place where we, as a community, can share our thoughts on the events that we organise, list the takeaways for future references, voice our opinions on the world’s developments, post tips and tricks on career and personal development, offer practical advice to expats in the Netherlands or even write about fun things to do over a weekend.

What’s next?

We are a bunch of perfectionist people and we constantly challenge the status quo. And as we are aware that there’s always room for improvement, we are committed to regularly enhancing this website. New features will be available (also in the Member Centre), new designs will be added, and the mobile version will be further optimised.

How can you get involved?

1. Send us your feedback on the new website. Your opinion as a member of this community is highly valued. Together we can help HUTAC grow!

2. Contribute to the blog! As a HUTACer, you certainly have lots of great ideas. Why not share them with this diverse community and gain some visibility as well? Submit your post together with a suggested photo (and the credit) to and we will edit the text and publish it for you. Before writing your post, you might want to consider inquiring if the subject you have in mind would be suitable for our audience.

Need some topic ideas? Here’s something to get the inspiration flowing:

  • You’ve recently gained knowledge on a certain subject and would like to share some of the tips with fellow HUTACers
  • You were inspired by a book/documentary/webinar/speech and would like to write a summary
  • You’ve done some interesting research and want to share the findings
  • You’ve got a list of cultural events/books/movies/TED Talks you’d like to recommend
  • You were inspired by a (HUTAC) event and want to write down the takeaways
  • You know some personal/career development tricks and want to help other members grow too.

A few rules to consider when submitting a post:

  • Using sources? Be sure to cite them. However, if you plan to copy more than a few words or phrases, it’s best to ask the original author for permission to republish their words (with proper attribution, of course).
  • Giving credit and asking permission also applies to the use of photos and images. You always need permission to use someone else’s photos and must also give credit. Even if a photo is tagged as creative commons, credit still needs to be attributed.
  • Write with a global audience in mind and in a conversational tone. In the end, you’re talking to fellow HUTACers.
  • To make it easy to read, use headlines and do a grammar and a spelling check before submitting your post.

3. Make sure to share the posts across your networks and submit your comments in order to keep the conversation going. Any thoughts you’d like to share right now? Please leave your comments below.

Laura Tufis is HUTAC Board member and Marketing Strategist and works as Online Marketeer for non-profit organisations. 

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