Public speaking masterclass

Jasmin Vodjdani
29 Aug 2015

Do you often have to speak in public but have stage fright? Are you preparing an important speech and would like to make sure that you’ll successfully present your ideas in front of your audience? Or maybe you’d simply like to polish your public speaking skills for your everyday life? Then this workshop is for you! The programme has two goals: to give you theoretical insights into public speaking and to provide personal development areas that you can work on after the event. We will do this through a session on public speaking followed by practical exercises in which you can apply what you’ve learned. The workshop will look as follows:

  1. Introduction of speaker and workshop goals
  2. Introduction of participants
  3. Body language: theory and examples
  4. Putting theory into practice: group exercises followed by individual feedback
  5. Recap of what you’ve learned
  6. Closing of the workshop

>> 2015 Annual HUTAC Conference: 360° Leadership