Tickle the power

29 Aug 2015
Johanna Westerdijkkamer (Foyer)

Get your creative juices flowing and learn how to unleash the leader within you! In this creative writing workshop, you will be introduced to Loesje, the female character, as well as the organisation behind it. Why is it so successful? What attracts people to Loesje and why are so many people willing to stick Loesje’s positive and critical posters everywhere? The overall question is: what does leadership mean to Loesje? Not only in ideals but in practice too.

After the introduction you will take part in a group exercise that will give you the chance to write your very own short texts (one-liners) by using a special creative writing method developed by Loesje. You will be able to write about anything that you and your group finds interesting and…who knows? Maybe YOUR words will be on the next Loesje poster!

>> 2015 Annual HUTAC Conference: 360° Leadership