Event Info

Date 27 February 2010
Location Het Grachten Atelier, Utrecht, the Netherlands

Event Description

In the winter of 2010 we gathered for a heart(and taste bud)-warming event: CHOCOBOMB! We learnt how to melt chocolate, add wasabi and herbs and make chocolate cons. Of course, this required complicated strategies such as peeping at other teams for hints or being creative with the decoration of the bonbons in fancy and original ways.

While our ‘pieces of art’ were cooling in the fridge, a welcomed break gave the opportunity for two special presentations. Firstly, Ebru Dargan told us about the history of chocolate, and examined chocolate products in relation to health. Thanks to her, we all now know why chocolate makes us feel euphoric. Afterwards, the cultural and economic issues were tackled by Paullette van Ommen. She certainly managed to light up discussions around the idea of fair trade by presenting emerging production patterns of chocolate. So we ended up questioning the choco-ethics in the context of current globalisation.

The chocolate fondue that followed the presentations definitely prevented us from instantly eating our own bonbons. Instead, we enjoyed lots of fresh fruit dipped in chocolate! To wrap up the event, each of us left with a box of chocolate. It was the best exercise for recalling the value of something handmade.

Afterwards, we went to a pub in the city centre for a drink and a pubquiz. The brain waves were activated not only by the general culture test prepared by HUTACers (now I know why it is important to know the names of the seven dwarves from Snow White), but also by the interesting discussions we had while sharing ideas from our work and research. I felt truly energised by having HUTACers around; the entire day was an enjoyable team-building experience.

Therefore, ChocoBomb: mission completed. The next day my chocolate box was already empty.

Impressions by Maria Neicu, HUTAC member

Check out a series of photos from the event.