2010 General Assembly & Personal Branding Workshop

Event Info

Date 1 October 2010
Location Madurodam, The Hague, the Netherlands

Event Description

It was a sunny day in the city of The Hague. Fellow HUTACers, including myself, came together from different corners of the country for another exciting HUTAC event. From the moment I walked in, I immediately felt the warm atmosphere as people greeted each other. We started the day with the ‘Etiquette a la carte’ workshop, given by Anne-Marie van Leggelo – van den Berkmortel. The workshop gave us a glimpse into the do’s and don’ts regarding common courtesy such as dressing up according to the occasion, interacting with others, as well as table manners. The session ended with a fun quiz and the last person standing received a small gift. No shame in losing though since all of us learnt a lot!

After a delicious lunch, we set off to the next workshop by Scholte Personal Branding. Ever tried to Google your name? Did you like what you found? This was just one of the things covered in the workshop.Tom Scholte demonstrated how to optimally make use of search engines and professional social networks such as LinkedIn in highlighting your qualities and selling yourself. During this interactive workshop, we were able to brush up on our skills in branding ourselves and get to know each other while we were at it.

Following a coffee break, HUTACers got down to the nitty-gritty of the day at HUTAC’s first General Assembly. It began with a presentation of the association’s performance in the previous year, which involved an interesting evaluation and discussion among HUTAC members. We then continued with the election of the new board members.

Saving the best for last, all HUTAC members enjoyed a delicious dinner buffet while mingling with the new Huygens Scholarship recipients. But don’t think that a room full of smart and talented people equals dull and boring conversation – these people know how to have fun! We swayed to the beat of percussion led by dynamic Brazilian dancers all through the rest of the night. As the night came to an end, I left yet another valuable and fun event, full of satisfaction and already looking forward to the following HUTAC event.

Impressions by Alicia Tri Utami, HUTAC member

Check out a series of photos from the event.