I want us to get along | Improve a struggling relationship

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Date 28 May 2021
Location Online

Event Description

We cannot escape our relationships, unless we live under a rock, on top of a high mountain or in a cave. We will always be surrounded by partners, parents, siblings, friends or colleagues. When a relationship in our life is not working well, it drains us of energy. But when it goes well, it gives us wings. In this workshop we looked at how we can turn our relationships into healthy, thriving sources of joy.

  • The 9 premises for a healthy relationship
  • The LUVS concept for a skilled-at-my-relationships hero
  • 3 + 1 steps to a deep understanding between two humans
  • 5 strategies for a good-with-people superstar
  • 6 suggestions for ‘further development’ sources
  • A gift: The 6 Human Needs test and its interpretation

About the trainer:

Diana Firican is a relationship coach, entrepreneur and yoga teacher. She has been selected among the top 100 Women Influencers and Thought Leaders to Follow in 2020 by Thinkers360.