HUTAC SKiLLsland Weekend

Event Info

Date 18 June 2010
Location Terschelling, the Netherlands

Event Description

In the summer of 2010 we spent a wonderful weekend camping on Terschelling island. Most of us had never visited an island off the northern coast of the Netherlands. The event was a fantastic opportunity to explore this secluded part of the country while getting to know fellow HUTACers in a relaxing and beautiful environment. Furthermore, the same weekend the Oerol festival was taking place and we had the opportunity to attend interesting plays and art and music performances. The weekend was impeccably organised. There were ice-breaker games, a tasty and filling barbecue and a professional and enlightening workshop on the art of communication, which got everyone very enthused.

In terms of accommodation, we had a quiet part of the camping all to ourselves, and more than enough space in the large tents that were already set up and ready upon our arrival. The only thing that was not on our side was the weather: this was possibly the coldest June weekend in Dutch memory, and it was rainy too! We were freezing to the bone most of the time, so we gratefully seized any opportunity to have a hot cup of tea in one of the picturesque cafes on the island. The campfire on Saturday night was pure bliss!

We got so much out of the few days that we spent together. Not only did we enjoy watching some of the festival performances, biking through the beautiful forests, fields and dunes, and improving our communication skills but we also had the chance to meet and become friends with very kind, open-minded and interesting people from many parts of the world.

Impressions by Kathrin Egger, HUTAC member

Check out a series of photos from the event.