Born to be HUTAC

Event Info

Date 27 January 2009
Location Madurodam, The Hague, the Netherlands

Event Description

On 27 August 2009 HUTAC received its legal status as an association. We were very thrilled and decided to mark the moment with a great party, ‘Born to be HUTAC’, at Madurodam. The event took place after the Diploma Ceremony, which used to be held annually by Nuffic. HUTAC’s stand at the Diploma Ceremony drew massive traffic. The scholarship recipients showed great interest in HUTAC and its activities and throughout the day, many registered for the party. After the Diploma Ceremony, Board members and volunteers started to decorate the venue for the party. Meanwhile, HUTACers enjoyed the laser show at Madurodam.

The party started with a welcome speech from HUTAC’s board and Daniel van Aken, HSP Team Leader at Nuffic. Afterwards, we enjoyed a salsa workshop provided by SoSalsa, a student club from TU Delft. When the music kicked in, the HUTACers started to mingle and immediately found their partners. Changing partners and learning more complex moves did not seem to be a problem. Then it was time for a salsa competition and the dance floor was cleared for enthusiastic couples who wanted to join in. The jury had a hard time to choose the winning couple but eventually one was selected and rewarded with a salsa CD and nice bottle of wine. At 24:00 we wrapped up our wonderful party. We received a lot of positive feedback and were ready to plan more exciting activities for the years to come!

Check out a series of photos from the party.