Day Trip to The Hague and Scheveningen

Event Info

Date 28 June 2009
Location The Hague & Scheveningen, the Netherlands

Event Description

After our initial party, ‘Born to be HUTAC’, our association grew by leaps and bounds and  thus, on 28 June 2009, we gathered 40 people for a day trip to The Hague and Scheveningen! We started our tour with the City Hall, also known as the Ice Palace. Genia, our tour guide and the HUTAC Secretary at that time, entertained us with a lot of historical and fun facts about the place. Afterwards we headed to Binnenhof, where the First Chamber of the Dutch Parliament meets. Along the way we stopped in the Central Square where many cozy cafés are located, and at Mauritshuis, where Johannes Vermeer’s well-known paintings are exhibited. We also visited the Passage and the Noordeinde Palace with its impressive gardens.

After a very interesting and informative tour, we left the hype of the city centre and made our way to Scheveningen where we enjoyed the traditional ‘haaring’ and ‘kibbeling’ in the harbour. After getting an energy boost, we had a blast with beach scrolling. The weather was great and everyone enjoyed the atmosphere. At the end of the beach walk, we had high tea at the Pier, overlooking the sea. We wrapped up the wonderful day at the yearly Parkpop festival at Zuiderpark.

Check out a series of photos from the event.