Huygens Exhibition

Event Info

Date 24 January 2013
Location Grote Kerk, The Hague, the Netherlands

Event Description

This was a small scale event with a social and cultural purpose. The Huygens Exhibition: ‘A Golden Legacy’ on display at Grote Kerk in The Hague was dedicated to two prominent men of the Dutch Golden Age: Constantijn and Christiaan Huygens. Both Huygens, father and son, were exceptional men with a profound influence on a diverse array of disciplines, which continues right up to the present day. They had a significant contribution to the revolutionary scientific progress achieved in that period. Not only were they influential, innovative and brilliant in many different fields, but also very successful at marketing their scientific discoveries and artistic taste. We believed that every HUTAC member should have the opportunity to learn more about the amazing lives and findings of these two great men, whose name our scholarship bears.