Create change that catches on

Event Info

Date 13 May 2017
Location Impact Hub Amsterdam

Event Description

On 13 May 2017 we held an insightful and fun workshop with Amsterdam-based social crowdsourcing platform Heroes & Friends, who shared their tips and tricks for how to launch a project or movement that can truly make a difference.

We started off by briefly delving into the history of movement building and heard how the Heroes & Friends platform facilitates change projects and what big trends they’re noticing in the social crowdsourcing space. As an example, they shared insights about Effective Altruism – a movement trying to use reasoning and evidence to do the most good.

For the second half of our workshop, we worked in groups on our own change project or movement ideas to find out which areas are currently being neglected and could thus see more impact from our combined skills and expertise.

More about Heroes & Friends in their own words:

“We see the dawn of an awesome world. Informal initiatives share stuff and skills to solve minor and major problems. People are participating in projects that make a better tomorrow, because they inherently want to do good. A collaborative and direct economy bypassing old conventional systems is rising; initiatives like BlaBlaCar, Etsy, Kickstarter, Peerby, TaskRabbit, TransferWise, Uber and VandeBron are here and happening. We built our platform of Heroes & Friends to better serve this change.”

These four beliefs guide them in their quest:

  1. People are inherently good
  2. Participation is the new philanthropy
  3. Collaboration is the new competition
  4. Technology scales impact”