Amsterdam Photo Madness & General Meeting

The afternoon included a visit to Foam Photography Museum followed by a photography workshop and the 2011 General Meeting. The photography workshop was led by Patricia Ribas,...
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2010 General Assembly & Personal Branding Workshop

It was a sunny day in the city of The Hague. Fellow HUTACers, including myself, came together from different corners of the country for another...
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HUTAC SKiLLsland Weekend

In the summer of 2010 we spent a wonderful weekend camping on Terschelling island. Most of us had never visited an island off the northern...
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2010 Annual Conference on Excellence

Saturday, 10 April 2010, was truly a day of excellence in every sense of the word for HUTAC. HUTAC-ers gathered at Utrecht University to experience, examine...
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In the winter of 2010 we gathered for a heart(and taste bud)-warming event: CHOCOBOMB! We learnt how to melt chocolate, add wasabi and herbs and...
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