HUTAC Improvises

The event gave us the opportunity to learn the basic tenets of improvisation in a relaxed atmosphere: listening, clarity, confidence and performing instinctively and spontaneously. As...
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2013 General Assembly & Masterclass in Presentation Skills

Speaking in front of a large audience, defending a Master or PhD thesis, interviewing for a job, delivering a presentation to a board or simply...
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Dutch Tax Seminar

It is not always easy to understand the Dutch tax system and decipher how it applies to different individuals. This seminar discussed the implications of the Dutch tax...
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Networking drinks: Amsterdam & The Hague

The event was a perfect occasion to catch up with HUTAC friends, do some professional networking and have a fun and inspiring evening.

Break the Ice!

A HUTAC ice skating expedition was organised to beat the cold and kick-start the year in a fun and active way. The event allowed members to...
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Huygens Exhibition

This was a small scale event with a social and cultural purpose. The Huygens Exhibition: ‘A Golden Legacy’ on display at Grote Kerk in The...
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