2015 General Assembly & How to talk like TED

The event featured a public speaking workshop led by TEDx speaker coach, Barbara Rogoski. We learned a series of effective ways to define and clarify our key messages, engage...
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Storytelling as Never before

In this workshop we got to master the most powerful way of selling our ideas to the world: storytelling! We learnt about how being able to tell an...
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HUTAC Improvises

The event gave us the opportunity to learn the basic tenets of improvisation in a relaxed atmosphere: listening, clarity, confidence and performing instinctively and spontaneously. As...
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2013 General Assembly & Masterclass in Presentation Skills

Speaking in front of a large audience, defending a Master or PhD thesis, interviewing for a job, delivering a presentation to a board or simply...
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2010 Annual Conference on Excellence

Saturday, 10 April 2010, was truly a day of excellence in every sense of the word for HUTAC. HUTAC-ers gathered at Utrecht University to experience, examine...
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