I can’t do this! Overcoming the lies we tell ourselves.

The self-help industry is full of promises of happiness, courage, wealth and ”happily ever after”. We can learn the habits of highly effective people, the five...
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2018 Annual Conference: 360° Health

The 2018 Annual Conference took place on 6 October 2018 and revolved around the year’s theme, 360° Health. The event’s workshops provided practical insights for...
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Sleep better, do better

On 19 May 2018 we had an informative and interactive sleep workshop with Katerina Nikolakopoulou, psychologist and lecturer specialised in sleep, and learned how we...
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MOKSHA Experience: how to find freedom and flow in your everyday life

During this session Simon Rowe, Yoga, breath and meditation teacher, introduced us to his unique approach: the MOKSHA experience. Moksha is based on an ancient Sanskrit word...
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