Cramer, Jacqueline

Professor of sustainable innovation and Strategic Adviser at the Sustainability Institute of Utrecht University


After finishing the Gymnasium-Beta education, Jacqueline studied at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville (1969 – 1970). In 1970 she started her Master’s in Biology at the University of Amsterdam, from which she graduated cum laude. Prof. dr. Cramer has worked for more than 35 years in the environmental field within social organisations, government and universities. From 2007-2010 she was Minister of Housing, Spatial Planning and Environment for the Labour Party, PvdA. Before her political career she was Director of ‘milieuadvies’ (environmental advice) and Professor of Sustainable Entrepreneurship at Utrecht University. She is currently Professor of sustainable innovation and Strategic Adviser at the Sustainability Institute of Utrecht University.

HUTAC event: 2011 Annual Conference | Towards a Sustainable Future | Keynote speech: A choice for a better world