Delhanty, Cathy

Business Networking Skills Expert | International Professional Speaker | Lecturer | Researcher | Author
Cathy Delhanty


Cathy Delhanty is a motivational speaker and entrepreneur with 25 years of international Business Development and Consulting experience. Her current mission is to prove to the world that everything and anything can be solved through the application of Business Networking Skills. Starting with technical and analytical people, mostly engineers, she has been teaching business networking skills at universities, corporations, and business incubators throughout Europe. Since September 2016, the Great Big Networking Experiment has been underway to measure the effects of The Networking Masterclass and to conduct primary research into business networking skills.

“Walking her own talk”, Cathy has followed her own ideas and dreams throughout her career. She has lived and worked throughout Asia, North America, and Europe; consulted to Global 100 companies; and is currently building a charity to provide hand-knit scarves and warm knitwear to homeless people. Additionally, she has raised money to buy a multinational company and driven across Australia in a sports car.

Cathy lives in The Hague with her husband and two teenage daughters.

HUTAC event: 2017 Annual HUTAC Conference: The Sharing Society | Keynote: From a pile of business cards to a functioning business network & Workshop: There is no dress rehearsal: how to boost your confidence & dare to pursue your wildest ideas