Elston, Jonathan

Consulting Entrepreneur, Fight to Flight
Jonathan Elston


Jonathan Elston, MSc. Candidate and Mediator, started his practice as a Conflict Resolution Practitioner through his business Fight to Flight Consulting. He offers customised services such as conflict coaching, mediation, facilitation, diversity training, group development, partnership building and conflict resolution training to individuals, groups, organisations and businesses. Jonathan is a member of the ADR Institute of Canada, which oversees the work of conflict resolution practitioners throughout the country.

His years of intercultural work include two international exchanges with Canada World Youth in China and India, as well as a research project for the AIDS Committee of Toronto to increase collaboration amongst organisations, which led to the start up of an HIV/AIDS network. Jonathan also initiated and managed a diversity program for youth in Stratford, Ontario, which he called Safe Space.

He also coordinated a housing and employment legal information and resource center for students in Montreal where he conducted over 100 interventions to resolve disputes among landlords, tenants and employers. His work led to the development of over 10 partnerships with campus organisations in Montreal.

HUTAC event: 2011 Annual Conference | Towards a Sustainable Future | Speech: Sustaining relationships for a sustainable environment