Akar, Evrim

Evrim Akar


After finishing her studies in Mathematics in Turkey, Evrim came to the Netherlands to pursue an MSc in Mathematical Sciences which consisted of different components such as Finance, Optimisation and Statistics. She carried out a research project to complete her thesis at KLM, where she learned to combine theory with practice. After her graduation Cum Laude from Utrecht University, Evrim saw the chance to improve herself in a multicultural environment in the Netherlands, where know-how is very much appreciated. She works now as water manager at Rijkswaterstaat, a directorate of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, and is fully proficient in Dutch.

As her journey for the last 10 years suggests, Evrim likes to explore new opportunities, take challenges and meet new people. She realised her dreams of studying abroad and learning about different cultures thanks to the Huygens scholarship. She has been doing tasks voluntarily every now and then for HUTAC and now thinks that it is time for a bigger contribution. She admires the goal of HUTAC to bring people together, supply necessary information and organise events for personal improvement and feels very lucky to contribute to this goal. Thanks to her education in Finance and her experience as financial advisor at a governmental institution, she fits very well in the Treasurer position.

Furthermore, Evrim plays improvisation theater and gives Dutch classes voluntarily. She is happy to pass on the knowledge and experience she has as a foreigner in the Netherlands.