Geldof, Govert

Senior Consultant Environment and Complexity & Owner at Geldof c.s.


Dr. Govert Geldof is a Dutch water engineer who has been a consultant in a range of complex water-related issues in Syria, Iran, Denmark, the Netherlands and many more. Combining his expertise as a consultant and a scientist, Govert started his company, Geldof c.s., with the aim to make a better connection between technology and society, both in a practical and scientific way. Most of his projects are about bringing solutions to environmental problems to practical realisation. Mr. Geldof is also currently a visiting associate professor at the Technical University of Denmark. Following his Bachelor’s degree in traffic management, Mr. Geldof focused his academic work on Water Management and Hydrology at the department of Civil Engineering of Delft University of Technology. His academic experience also includes a PhD at Delft and the University of Twente.

HUTAC event: 2012 Conference | Moving Forward | Inspirational Speech