Gunkel, Alexander

Co-founder and Managing Director of Skytree


Alexander Gunkel is co-founder and managing director of the Dutch cleantech company Skytree, which captures CO2 from the air in order to turn it into a sustainable and valuable resource. He studied mechanical engineering and business administration in Germany and South Africa and became intrigued with technical innovations and how entrepreneurship can drive both incremental and radical transformation across the globe.

After his studies and the European Erasmus Program for Entrepreneurship, Alex joined the European Space Agency for a traineeship with the Inspector General which gave him insight into the work of the most talented scientist and engineers in Europe and supported them in a project management role. During this time he met his co-founders who were working on an unique air recycling system for the International Space Station (ISS), which now forms the foundation of Skytree’s technology.

HUTAC event: 2016 Annual Conference & General Assembly: Inspire through Innovation | Workshop: Planting a (sky)tree: how to turn CO2 into a resource