Heroes & Friends

Crowdsourcing platform for change makers


Heroes & Friends is a crowdsourcing platform for change makers:

“We see the dawn of an awesome world. Informal initiatives share stuff and skills to solve minor and major problems. People are participating in projects that make a better tomorrow, because they inherently want to do good. A collaborative and direct economy bypassing old conventional systems is rising; initiatives like AirBnB, BlaBlaCar, Etsy, Kickstarter, Peerby, TaskRabbit, TransferWise, Uber,and VandeBron are here and happening. We build our platform of Heroes & Friends to better serve this change. Our crowdsourcing tool surpasses the standard by being based on that same direct economy.”

The organisation is guided by four beliefs:

  1. People are inherently Good
  2. Participation is the new Philanthropy
  3. Collaboration is the new Competition
  4. Technology scales Impact

HUTAC event: How to create change that catches on | May 2017