Pavel, Iulian

Events & External Relations Coordinator
Iulian Pavel


With an academic and professional background in Economics, Business Administration, Management, Security Studies and International Affairs, External Relations Coordination for a multicultural and interdisciplinary association fits like a glove to Iulian. Originally from Cluj (Romania), he brings the heart of Transylvania wherever he goes. Having studied, worked and lived within the Netherlands for the past years, Iulian found that he wanted to give back to the Huygens Network by becoming involved within the board. With previous experience within External Relations roles, he welcomes the chance to put his broad experience to use, supporting and carrying on the tradition of excellence set forth by the previous HUTAC boards and advisors.

Personally, Iulian enjoys spending his time learning about a wide range of interesting fields varying from engineering and applications of field medicine to foreign languages and martial arts. Besides these, he also likes sharing some good ideas and great conversations over a glass of beer at networking events. Professionally, he works as a Process Engineer expanding on his former background in Information Management and Business Intelligence. He nevertheless still considerers volunteering in interdisciplinary NGOs, expanding the cultural reach and personal impact of those in for a challenge.

His personal motto is “Nihil Sine Deo”.