Mutsaerts, Jasper

Entrepreneur & Founder of Succès Fou


Jasper learned to walk and talk in Igogwe, Tanzania. Since then, his restless legs have dragged him through all corners of the globe, including The Hague, Salamanca, Amsterdam, Buenos Aires, Delhi and London.

After doing projects for McKinsey & Company, Foundation Run for Human Rights Watch, the Dutch National Think Tank and THNK, he caught the start-up fever. Since 2013, he has been striving to inspire young professionals to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. His recent achievements include raising €60.000 through crowdfunding from 82 investors in 7 hours for Bohemian Birds!

As a founder of Succès Fou, a holding with 4 ventures in its portfolio, including the aforementioned Bohemian Birds, a travel agency that helps people empty their bucket list, and Start Hub, a co-working space in the heart of Amsterdam, Jasper definitely knows a thing or two about what it takes to turn a bold idea into a successful business.

HUTAC events: How to build your own start-up & 2016 Annual Conference & General Assembly: Inspire through Innovation | Workshop: Crowdfunding your big idea – what (not) to do!