Kurzen, Lena

Lena Kurzen


Lena is originally from Germany. During her school holidays, when taking part in international work camps for social and environmental causes, she had her first encounters with international cooperation. She realised what a valuable experience it is to work together for a common goal in an international team with diverse cultural backgrounds. Being very interested in human problem solving skills, Lena did her Bachelor’s in Cognitive Science in Germany and Canada. Then she moved to the Netherlands in 2005 to do her Master’s in Logic at the University of Amsterdam. She was awarded the Huygens Scholarship in her second year. After graduating, she continued doing research in logic and obtained her PhD degree in 2011. Her research is on different kinds of complexity of interactive situations, such as playing games. In 2012, Lena joined – and helped to set up – Critical Minds, where she works as a project management consultant in the technical industry, such as the maritime industry or civil engineering.

Lena especially loves challenging projects that at first seem impossible to realise. Trying to make the impossible possible is something she not only loves at work but also has a great passion for in her personal life; she thus pushes her limits in all kinds of sports activities, especially rock climbing and running.

Having taken part in many HUTAC events in the last years and having got inspired by the people and activities organised, she strongly believes in the strength of this network and thinks that now it’s time for her to contribute more actively to the association. Lena is looking forward to developing HUTAC further as a community that stimulates the personal and professional development of talented, internationally-minded professionals.