Oorsouw, Reinier van

Founder, Director & Producer at Beyond Borders Media


Having travelled the world since the age of 18 and visited the most underdeveloped regions of the globe, Reinier has witnessed some of the most urgent issues affecting millions of people around the world every day. As founder, director and producer at Beyond Borders Media (communications agency for aid, adventure and travel) and having worked with numerous tech companies, he has seen first hand how technology can help improve people’s lives and is striving to introduce the latest technologies in non-profit organisations’ work. Currently, he is pioneering virtual reality as part of NGO marketing and communications.

Through his agency, Reinier has worked with organisations like United Nations, Oxfam, SNV, Aljazeera, HealthNet TPO, the Hunger Project, Lonely Planet, Canon and many more.

HUTAC event: 2016 Annual Conference & General Assembly: Inspire through Innovation | Workshop: Technological innovations for international development