Samhoud, Salem

Founder and CEO, &samhoud


In 1989 Salem Samhoud visited restless Soweto. In the middle of the riots he found himself standing in front of a huge billboard. On the sign there was a picture of a group of people of all races with the text: “Together we’ll build a brighter future.” A sign of hope. A sign of connection. At that moment he knew it: ‘this is my higher goal’. Later he built &samhoud, a company that is based on three core values: authenticity, intensity and friendship. Through the company Salem aims to reach his ultimate goal, the message of the sign in Soweto. &samhoud is active in different industries worldwide: management consulting, personal development, hospitality and food and they define themselves by “we achieve breakthroughs by inspiring and connecting people”.

HUTAC event: 2014 Annual Conference | Connecting Talents | Together We Build a Brighter Future