Wursten, Huib

Senior Consultant, ITIM International


Huib Wursten is specialised in advising companies and supra-national organisations on how to manage global teams. He is experienced in translating global strategies and policies into practical consequences for management. From 1989 on, Huib has worked with public and private organisations in 85 countries across all continents. His main clients in the business sector are IBM, 3M, Vodafone, McCain, Texaco, Unilever, JP Morgan Chase etc. Huib also held courses at the IMF and the Worldbank in Washington and at the European Central Bank. Some important non-profit organisations he has been involved with are Europol, UNDP, Council of Europe and the Dutch peacekeeping forces. He advised the Russian administration on the influence of culture on political and economic behaviour.

Huib wrote an award-winning paper, ‘Mental Images’, which was published for Nyfer, a Research Institute related to Nijenrode University. He also wrote ‘The influence of culture on (economic) policies’ in 1997 (an English updated version is available on request). Huib graduated from the University of Amsterdam in Educational Psychology.

HUTAC event: 2011 Conference | Thinking Forward: Positioning yourself in the Netherlands | Keynote Speech: The 6 different international perspectives on society, organisations and education