Zeegers, Michiel

Acting-Coach, Stress-Counsellor & Team builder, You to Me Coaching


For more than 20 years Michiel has been working as acting-coach, trainer and facilitator. He is specialised in Mindfulness and Body Stress Release, System Orientated Training, Mediation, Fresh Feedback and (Cultural) Diversity. Michiel also works with Gender Diversity. His workshop ‘Use your Power’ has influenced a lot of talented women and men. He has trained in Belgium, French, Germany, Ghana, Greece, New York, Spain, Surinam, Switzerland at companies such as ABN Amro, Allianz, ANWB, AMC, Amsterdam Township, Booking.com, Campina, Cisco, Connexxion, Dutch Government, Dutch Railways, Heineken, ING, KLM, KPMG, Pfizer, PWC, Rabobank Group, Schiphol Group, Shell, University of Amsterdam/ Delft/ Enschede, UPC and many more.

HUTAC event: 2015 Annual Conference on 360° Leadership | Workshop: Practical know-how for stress management