Li, Zhenhao

Zhenhao Li


Zhenhao Li was born and raised in Dezhou, a small city in Shandong province, China. He was interested in science and painting in his early years, and later went to study software engineering at Northeast Normal University in Changchun, China. During college he developed a keen interest in the foundations of mathematics and computation. In 2010 he started pursuing an interdisciplinary study of this topic in the Master of Logic at the University of Amsterdam, for which he received the Huygens scholarship. After obtaining his MSc in 2011, he began his PhD work in mathematical logic at the University of Amsterdam. His research is about effective computations of infinitary mathematical objects and structures.

Zhenhao decided to join the HUTAC board after actively participating in HUTAC events for 4 years. He is motivated to help HUTAC become a more recognised brand among enterprises and organisations and create more professional opportunities for HUTAC members. What he expects from serving on the HUTAC board is to engage with people, learn and have fun.