I can’t do this! Overcoming the lies we tell ourselves.

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Date 26 February 2021
Location Online

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The self-help industry is full of promises of happiness, courage, wealth and ”happily ever after”. We can learn the habits of highly effective people, the five love languages or The Secret.
So many tools, so many gurus, so many paths to take. No wonder many of us suffer from self-development fatigue. But what if there was a tool that had the potential to transform all aspects of your life? Your career, your relationship and your health? And what if practicing it and incorporating it into your life didn’t take more than a few minutes a day?
On 26 February 2021 we held a workshop with Manuela Damant, a conscious leadership coach and the Visionary Collective Leader at Azkua. Manuela provided us with an easy-to-use self-development tool (recognising our saboteurs and addressing them with the positive intelligence tool), shared from her 20 years of experience working with clients around the globe and challenged us to give self-development one more go and to keep growing, keep believing and keep learning.