Is this what you really, really want?

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Date 18 December 2020
Location Online

Event Description

How to make the right choices at work and in life – especially in these uncertain, confusing times? 

Climbing the career ladder with 80-hour work weeks or living life out of a backpack with instant-noodle dinners? Or maybe going for one of the 19.231.741 options in between? Life seemed simpler when your childhood dream was to become a doctor or the next winner of Idols. Now you have your degree, a decent, slightly less glamorous job, and the world is your oyster. But what if your work just isn’t as meaningful or fulfilling as you imagined? Suck it up or quit?

In a world of abundance, where anything is possible, choices for us, millennials, are not limited to our daily Netflix intake. Besides getting a flat white or a cappuccino, we have to deal with much bigger dilemmas. Do we ‘settle down’ and have 2.4 children or become digital nomads and solo travel the world? The daily confrontation of the Instagram-perfect life gives us the illusion that utopia exists. And the fast-paced development of tech, products and experiences keeps feeding our fear of missing out.

On 18 December 2020, we held an online workshop with Wing Yan Man from 3310 – School for Millennials and looked at how to overcome self-doubt and find out what we really, really want! 🙂