2013 General Assembly & Masterclass in Presentation Skills

Event Info

Date 19 October 2013
Location Boom Chicago Rozentheater, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Event Description

Speaking in front of a large audience, defending a Master or PhD thesis, interviewing for a job, delivering a presentation to a board or simply meeting that one important person in the elevator – these moments can life changers! And it’s all about getting the right message across. Your ability to communicate is an essential factor in seizing the opportunities you encounter. However, public speaking is frequently referred to as people’s number one fear. This is why HUTAC invited Boom Chicago to hold a presentation training; because the more you enjoy presenting, the more your audience will listen to what you have to say and the more effective you become. The training was designed to help our members improve their public speaking skills and help them confidently share their message in public. It started with group exercises and then moved on to individual exercises, giving everyone in the group a chance to speak in public, receive feedback and improve.

The training was followed by the Annual General Assembly, in which the Board reported on all the activities of the previous year and the new Board was elected.