Minneboo, Laura

Health Trainer & Mindstyle Coach


Laura Minneboo is Health Trainer and Mindstyle Coach. Since 2015 she has been running a practice for coaching, training and support. Besides individual coaching and stress-reduction she provides training on vitality and health.

She is educated in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and PSYCH-K (a form of energetic psychology). And she has a talent for unravelling the core essence of someone’s problem. With simple but powerful tools she helps people make changes on a profound level. Clients experience great changes in a relatively short time, because the (subconscious) mind adapts immediately.

Before starting her practice Laura worked in managing absenteeism (sick leave) in the workplace, healthy working conditions and social work. Being aware of the theoretics was not enough to prevent health problems herself. But her path to full recovery led to the amazing methods she provides today.

HUTAC event:  2018 HUTAC Conference: 360° Health | How your beliefs can cause your stress