2015 General Assembly & How to talk like TED

Event Info

Date 31 October 2015
Location EYE Film Museum, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Event Description

The event featured a public speaking workshop led by TEDx speaker coach, Barbara Rogoski. We learned a series of effective ways to define and clarify our key messages, engage our audience from beginning to end and deliver our messages with the greatest impact. Barbara presented many of the 101 speaker tips from her book ‘Boring to Brilliant! A Speaker’s Guide’ (take a sneak peek into the book by reading this blog post). She also shared some entertaining anecdotes from behind the scenes of TEDx the Netherlands and gave us valuable tools to improve our public speaking style.

The workshop was followed by the 2015 General Assembly in which the annual report and financial statement were presented and the 2015-2016 HUTAC Board and new Advisory Board and Audit Committee members were elected. Check out the minutes and get a glimpse of the event by browsing the photos.